Championing Organisational Health & Mental Wellbeing Needs

18 – 19 May 2020, Kuala Lumpur

Course Introduction

Championing Organisational Health & Mental Wellbeing Needs

“54% of all MCs and absences are due to Stress, Depression or Anxiety, costing companies about 1 month salary for every 3 employees each year.”

– Health and Safety Executive, UK 2019

“Seniors at work, the new norm. 40% of seniors aged 65-69 years at work in Singapore and 26.1% of total workforce in Malaysia in the 45yrs and older, 2.8% 60 yrs and above”

-ASEAN Today, 2019;
Aging Workforce: A Challenge for Malaysia, Journal of Administrative Science

The trends in the world points to a future where 40% of adults will be obese, and poor mental health and well-being will also become more common based on current statistics, where 1 in every 5 people experiences some form of mental disorder at some stage in their life. This will give rise to the number of people living and working in chronic conditions, which contributes to workplace conflicts, poor work performance, unfinished deadlines, poor teamwork and cohesion.

Organisations are left with the inevitable burden of poor employee health, which costs tens of millions every year. The good news is, these risks are highly preventable and manageable! The winners of businesses in the future will be those with the healthiest employees. Investing in your employees to be Healthier and Happier will give companies the competitive advantage to Survive and Thrive!

This masterclass is targeted at HR practitioners who would like to understand the impact of mental health and wellbeing on organisations, and develop and implement a future-ready workplace that nurtures good health and mental wellbeing. Through various interactive activities, delegates will learn through play, and develop a customised workplace health and wellbeing plan for their organisation.

The Trainer

Maria Plengsangtipi

MA (Applied Psych), BSocSci (Psych) Partner & Consultant Psychologist

iGROW an award-winning psychological consultancy based in Singapore

More About The Trainer

  • 10+ years Psychological Consulting experience in the area of psychological wellbeing, workplace health, and capability development in diverse settings
  • Conducted over 400+ talks, coaching & workshops related to mental well-being in 450+ Fortune 500 companies, Government, Large enterprises, Small & Medium companies
  • Led a few National-level mental health initiatives to improve workplace mental health in Singapore
  • Associate Faculty, Singapore University of Social Sciences lecturing in Leadership, Team Dynamics, Developmental Psychology and Counselling programs
  • Registered Psychologists & Counsellor

The Trainer

Benedict Lim

MSocSci (Counselling), BA (Psychology) CEO & Chief Psychologist
iGROW an award-winning psychological consultancy based in Singapore

More About The Trainer

  • 13+ years Psychological Consulting experience in the area of Leadership, Culture and Employee Engagement in diverse settings
  • TED Talk presenter & Regional Keynote
  • Author of upcoming book, “Surviving to Thriving: A Blueprint to achieve Business Excellence by leveraging on your Psychology
  • Conducted over 700+ talks & workshops related to mental well-being
  • Commissioned by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore to led several national level projects to advocate mental health in organisations & communities
  • Associate Faculty, Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Psychologist & Registered Counsellor with experience supervising others


Course Outline

1. STARTING RIGHT: Understanding Health & Mental Wellbeing of employees and the aging workforce
2. STARTING WELL: Financial Impact of Health & Mental Wellbeing to organizations
3. STARTING STRONG: Organizational Mental Health Challenges
4. SUPPORTING RIGHT: Identifying Employees in Distress
5. SUPPORTING ACTIVELY: Approaching and Referring Employees in Distress
6. SUPPORTING PROACTIVELY: Designing a Plan for my organization
7. SUSTAINING A PLAN: Presenting Business Case and Health Plan relevant to my organization
8. SUSTAINING THE PLAN: Sourcing for Resources

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Key Takeaways

How You Can Benefit!

  • Why are Health and Mental Wellbeing at work important?
  • What is the financial impact of Health and Mental Health Issues to organisations?
  • What are the Organisational Mental Health Challenges and psychological response to Disaster, Death and Downsizing?
  • How do we develop a plan to Prevent, Prepare and Respond to Crisis at work?
  • How do we attend to the mental health needs of the aging workforce?
  • How do we distinguish employees in Distress from those who are merely complaining?
  • How do we approach employees in Distress with empathy?
  • When do we refer employees in Distress?
  • How do we develop a customised Plan to Start, Support and Sustain Health & Mental Health in your organisation?
  • How do we implement Workplace Health and Mental Health initiatives?
  • How do we roll out Health and Mental Health campaigns quickly and easily by tapping into existing resources?

Who Should Attend

  • Visionary Chief HR Officers and HR Directors who want to build a culture of supportive environment for the health and wellbeing of their employees
  • HR Officers responsible for development and implementation of policy to improve employee engagement and culture
  • HR Officers responsible for the Health and Wellbeing of the employees
  • HR Generalist who wants to gain knowledge and skills in building work environment that is future-ready

Masterclass Pricing

Group Discount: 10% off for Group Registrations of 3 delegates or more


What Clients Are Saying

“Maria is very well versed and knowledgeable in the topic of discussion, and are able to share relevant experiences!”

– Head of Operations, National University Hospital of Singapore

“Maria brought to light ways to deal with pressures in life and Provided practical skills to help staff manage better”

– Associate Director, Health Promotion Board, Singapore

“The trainer made all the difference! He was engaging, well structured in terms of programme flow. He weaved in activities to bring the point across. I love the stories and the group participation was awesome. Ben is one of the best trainers I have seen so far.”

– Senior Manager, National Heart Centre Singapore

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