Strategies for Effective Succession Planning

Date: 28 March 2024

Time: 9am – 1pm GMT +8

Location: Virtual


Succession planning is a critical component of organisational sustainability and growth. This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and implement effective succession planning strategies. Succession planning ensures that any business is prepared for leadership transitions and can continue to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this training session, participants will:

  1. Understand the importance of succession planning in organizational success
  2. Learn how to identify and assess potential successors.
  3. Develop strategies for talent development and leadership readiness.
  4. Gain insights into best practices for creating a succession plan.
  5. Explore ways to communicate succession planning results to key stakeholders.
  6. Learn how to monitor and adapt succession plans in a dynamic environment.

Who should attend

Designed for mid-level HR professionals who is responsible for talent management and leadership development within their organisation. Looking to learn succession planning and enhancing their skills to drive organisational success.

  • Head of HR and Talent Development / Senior Manager / Manager
  • HR Advisor
  • Talent Co-ordinator
  • Talent Specialist / Manager
  • Head of Talent
  • Director of Talent
About the trainer
About the trainer

Glenn Smith

HR & Leadership Development Consultant

Glenn Smith has over 12 years of experience in talent development and management. He is a seasoned HR leader with a strong commercial and people orientation. He has spent the last nine years in Asia, working in ten different countries ranging from South Korea to Indonesia.

Glenn also has experience working in MNCs and start-up organisations. He has a natural flair for communication, coaching, and group facilitation. He is very experienced at creating impactful workshops to empower and develop leaders in their roles. His previous clients include Merling Entertainment and Korn Ferry.


“I was given a rare opportunity to work and report directly to Glenn during my time at the Adecco Group. If it was not for Glenn and his classroom training workshops, one-on-one coaching and several walk-and-talk sessions, I would not be the Talent Specialist that I am today. Glenn's industry knowledge and expertise as an HR leader, recruiter, manager and trainer speaks for itself. His work ethic, ambition, ability to connect with colleagues and clients, but to also have a huge amount of fun in the process is something I hadn't experienced before or since. I learnt a huge amount from Glenn which I continue to use on a daily basis, and this is probably the best compliment I can pay him.”

Group Head of L&D, People and Operations, Asia
The Edge Partnership

“Mr. Glenn Smith, Learning & Development Manager is a great trainer and experienced coach who I never meet before. He really inspired me to unleash my 100% working ability in my daily sales field whenever I joined and completed his brilliant training sessions including management training. Always I learned something valuable from Glenn in order for me to fit into my managerial skills. Without saying anything, I dare to say I can't meet anyone else wherever I go.”

Career Coach & Senior Director

“Glenn is an excellent trainer - he is irrepressibly enthusiastic and passionate about development, and he brings a wealth of experience in HR, management and coaching to the classroom. Glenn's warmth and personal integrity make him very popular with his colleagues across the globe, and it's a pleasure to work closely with him.”

Rewards Consultant


28 March 2024

0900 – 0945
Session 1: Introduction to Succession Planning
  • Understanding the role of succession planning in organisational sustainability
  • Benefits of effective succession planning
  • Key terminology and concepts
0945 – 1030
Session 2: Identifying and Assessing Potential Successors
  • Methods for identifying high-potential talent
  • Assessing leadership competencies and potential
  • Practical exercises and case studies
1030 – 1100

Morning Break 1

1100 – 1130
Session 3: Talent Development and Leadership Readiness
  • Developing leadership development programs
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning
1130 – 1215
Session 4: Creating a Succession Plan
  • Components of a comprehensive succession plan
  • Succession planning models and frameworks
  • Aligning succession plans with organisational goals
1215 – 1230

Morning Break 2

1230 – 1245
Session 5: Implementing and Communicating Succession Plans
  • Strategies for successful implementation
  • Measuring and monitoring succession plan effectiveness
1245 – 1300

Closing remarks and Q&A

Please contact

Jovin Tan
Regional Producer, Masterclass Production
Tel: +65 9487 7225
for more information.

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28 March 2024, 9am – 1pm GMT +8



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