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Transforming the HR Organisation to Create Value

A one-day live virtual training course 


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Course Introduction

Transforming the HR Organisation to Create Value

This one-day, online course is based on the second day of the two day face-to-face programme, Strategic HR Business Partnering, which Human Resources Online has been running in South East Asia for the last five years.

The course now also contains specific focus on HR transformation within the current pandemic, such as moving further to using digital technologies, and supporting business clients using these technologies too.

The first day of the previous programme is now a separate online course, ‘Increasing Impact through Strategic HR Partnering’. Each course can be attended as an independent training day. However, the two sessions also complement each other and you may therefore like to attend both trainings.

HR Transformation, whether based on the ‘Ulrich model’ or something else, often has two key drivers. The first driver is cost reduction and this is always going to be important. However, it is the second driver, becoming more strategic and creating more value, which offers more potential for HR to take a driving seat within its business, and for creating a more compelling and more human business organisation. Doing this nearly always provides a bigger impact on firm profitability than reducing HR costs.

This training therefore focuses on transforming HR to put more focus on creating value. Dave Ulrich explains that this will generally involve three things. The first is the approach of business partnering, getting closer to and having more impact on the business. The second is the role of strategic partnering, aligning HR activities with business needs in order to transform the success of the organisation. And the third is the job of the embedded HR business partner. The jobs of the specialists within the centres of excellence are important enablers for business and strategic partnering too, but are also simpler and more straight forward to get right.

Therefore, whilst the training is focusing on the Ulrich model, most attention will be paid to the job of the business partner, and in particular, the idea of a fully fledged business partner, which participants can use to compare against their own role, or the role of embedded business partners within their own organisation.
However, the training will also look beyond the Ulrich model, suggesting a new potential archetype, the melded network HR model. But even this is just another best practice model. What really makes the difference to business partnering, particularly when focusing on its strategic impact, is moving from best practice to best fit.

The training will therefore review best fit opportunities to develop new HR structures, processes, cultures, HR practitioner skills, and client relationships. It will also review the opportunities provided by digital technologies, not just in the service centre, but also to increase the effectiveness of specialists and business partners, or people working in similar, strategic roles.

Through leveraging these opportunities, HR can substantially increase its credibility and contribution, and the impact it has on the organisation it works within.

Virtual Training

Dedicated 6.5 hours of live virtual training

The Trainer

Jon Ingham

Executive Consultant, Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services
Based in the UK

More About The Trainer

  • Assumed the roles of Head of HR, HR Director and Consultant in large organisations such as Ernst & Young and Accenture
  • Served as Professor in Strategic Management, HR and Change Management at the American Institute of Business and Economics (Moscow, Russia) and Cotrugli Business School (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Recognised as the #1 Top Global Online Influencer in Talent Management, 2010, the 7th Most Influential HR Thinker in the UK, 2013 and a top global HR tech influencer, 2019
  • Increased profits (EBITDA) per employee by 45% over 6 months and reduced costs by £10 million per year at large organisations in the UK
  • Author of the books ‘Strategic Human Capital Management: Creating Value through People’ (2006) and ‘The Social Organization’ (2017), contributor to the book ‘The Talent Management’ Handbook’ (2015), and writer of over 20 articles published in various well-respected HR journals


Course Outline

  1. HR as a Business Partner
  2. The Fully Fledged Business Partner
  3. Structuring HR to Enable the Business Strategy
  4. Actions for Broader HR Transformation
  5. Developing a Strategy to Transform HR

Short breaks are given in between modules for better engagement.

Please contact  Adrian Ray – adrianr@humanresourcesonline.net for more information.

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Key Takeaways

How You Can Benefit!

  • Understand the business partnering approach, the strategic partnering role, and the job of the embedded HR business partner as well as the benefits these can provide
  • Consider different HR organisation structures and when they may be most relevant
  • See how to develop a holistic HR organisation around a particular form
  • Review a process to link HR transformation to the needs of your particular organisation
  • Review your own role and capabilities compared to those of a fully fledged business partner in order to understand the level of strategic impact which may be possible given the way HR is being organised
  • Understand how line managers need to be developed or more broadly enabled to play an effective role in the HR model

Who Should Attend

• HR director, Head of HR, etc
• Head of business partner team or a business partner
• Head of centre of excellence or a specialist want to be more strategic
• HR generalist wanting to develop a more strategic approach
• Any HR professional wanting to excel in their strategic partnering role, and to make a broader contribution to their HR organisation’s business partnering approach in order to increase their business impact

Masterclass Pricing

Group Discount: 10% off for Group Registrations of 3 delegates or more


What Clients Are Saying

“Jon is a very experienced trainer who gave us lots of insights and real-life practical examples. What we are doing now made complete sense to me.”

– HR Business Partner, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific

“This course offered excellent content with an extremely knowledgeable and experienced trainer.”

– Head of Reward, IKEA

“This course gave me a much better understanding of HRBP concept. I particularly liked the way Jon delivered the course.”

– Deputy General Manager, HR , S P Setia 

“Jon delivered a great course that helped me understand the HRBP model much better.”

– Senior HR Manager, The Walt Disney Company

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