Human Resources Online’s
Masterclass Series

Strategic Talent Analytics for HR Leaders

Learn how to collect and leverage on key talent analytics to develop your HR strategy and aligns it to the business objectives. You will acquire and demonstrate techniques to create a compelling narrative that captures your audience attention.

Harnessing Generative AI for Learning

Learn how to demystify the fundamentals of Generative AI within the realm of Learning & Development. Discover how this groundbreaking technology can supercharge your capacity for rapid and innovative needs analysis, and the design of effective and creative learning solutions.

Managing Conflicts in Today’s Workforce

Learn how to deal with workplace conflicts and misconduct with practical communication skillsets and knowledge to build a safe and healthy working environment to drive employee and business productivity.

Measuring the Impact of Learning Programmes

Learn how to measure learning programmes effectiveness, aligning outcomes with business goals. Analyse ROI, considering contextual and lifetime value. Evaluate L&D models to gauge learning transfer and impact, assessing strengths and weaknesses

Wellness at work
In this masterclass we learn how L&D and HR professionals can change a culture through best practice mental health and workplace wellbeing programmes and initiatives.
Drive High-Performing Teams: Cultivate Leadership Mindsets for HR Leaders

Aims to instigate intellectual, emotional, actionable shifts and empowering you with practical strategies and tools you can apply in your roles, leading to an impactful learning experience. You will be able to integrate global and local perspectives into your leadership approach, effectively leading and inspiring your teams.

Learning Accelerators: Fostering Team Excellence and Culture 

Delve into the vital role of team excellence in today’s business environment. You’ll uncover how modern learning accelerators surpass traditional methods, grasp the pivotal role of L&D in driving team dynamics, and explore state-of-the-art tools that foster collaborative learning.

Trauma healing

In a world where discussions about trauma typically revolve around its impact and understanding, our Masterclass boldly advances the conversation, zeroing in on the most vital element: healing from trauma.

Cohort-Based Learning Techniques to Drive Collaboration
Learn the essential aspects of Cohort-Based Learning (CBL), such as its core components, benefits, challenges, and overall impact. You will understand CBL’s collaborative advantages, and how to measure its impact effectively. You will gain actionable insights into how to evaluate the suitability of a CBL to your specific learning and business goal.
Analytics in Action Elevating HR’s Impact

Unlock the potential of analytics to transform HR practices and advance the organization’s strategic goals. In this two-day workshop based on both my award-winning course at NUS Business School and my influential book, “Fundamentals of HR Analytics,” participants will be immersed in hands-on approaches that turn data into actionable insights in HR.

Empowering Growth : Coaching & Feedback for Peak Performance
Healing relational trauma through EMDR

Begin an exploration into the sophisticated world of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, acclaimed for its efficacy in addressing relational trauma.

Balance & Wellness at Work: Best Practices for HR and Wellness Professionals

This Masterclass is tailored for HR and wellness professionals aiming to enhance wellness and balance at work.

The Key to Successful Change Leadership : Emotional Intelligence

In the corporate world, executives hold the opinion that IQ gets you hired, but EQ gets you promoted. The benefits of being emotionally intelligent contribute to personal success in business and all other aspects of life.

Transforming Customer Experience for Business Success
Are you ready to take your business to new heights of success with the transformative power of customer experience?
Presentation skills and storytelling

Our Storytelling and Presentation skills training is meant for anyone in the corporate world, looking to enhance influence and presence while making presentations.

Unconscious bias and empathy
Our popular Unconscious Bias Boot Camp is a thorough examination of UB and how it could be affecting your work and concludes with a draft action plan for you to further develop with your people to implement positive changes to encourage unity, and productivity, staff retention, and an enviable work environment.
The art of execution

Our Art of Execution Masterclass is meant for mid- to-senior management execs and cuts across all functions In the masterclass, we focus on the 3 stages of Execution excellence, Big picture vs. detail-oriented thinking, Change management amidst growth, and tackling people challenges.

People Analytics

This workshop is designed specifically to introduce HR professionals to the world of People Analytics.

Build functional skills to solve your talent & business challenges and understand how to build insights and create stories from analytics / visualizations.

Building HR Data Science Capabilities

Discover the management of mixed techniques of building sustainable business capabilities using HR digital transformation and HR data science to continuously drive sustainable business outcomes using HR policies and HR practices.

Employee Engagement (EX) Survey Checklist

Learn the different phases to survey process from designing the questionnaire to the action plan, and uncover a comprehensive content guide to facilitate the survey process with emails, FAQs, presentations and more.

Redesigning Today’s Compensation Structure
Learn how to restructure compensation packages to attract talent, and deep dive into practical skills needed to design a compensation structure by analysing market data, personal development and performance review.
People Analytics: From Intuition to Data Driven Mindset to Drive Decision Making

Aims to empower HR leaders with the skills and knowledge to harness the power of data to lead data-driven initiatives, tackle HR challenges, and make informed decisions that positively impact the organisation’s performance and long-term growth.

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